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Imperial College to Re-Calibrate Travel Time

As mobility experience is increasingly determined not only by duration or monetary cost of travel, new cultures of work have emerged, especially strong among knowledge workers, that exploit non-traditional settings, including publ

The Engine Oil Behind 'Mobility as a Service'

TravelSpirit is an openly governed community and source code commons for collaborative open source projects supporting Mobility as a Service products and services.

    Mobility as a Service (Maas)

    Personal, routine travel in the meshed society must mean Mobility as a Service. Read more

    The impact potential of the meshed society

    Society is transforming from the hierarchies of the industrial age to the peer meshes of the Internet age. Read more

    TravelSpirit is open source

    An open source model leverages copyright to create innovation, collaboration and market growth. Read more

    TravelSpirit is based on open development

    Open development occurs when all decisions are publicly documented, all resources are open source and all bona fides participants have equal rights. Read more

    TravelSpirit is true collaboration

    We are embracing the sharing and collaboration vision of the Creative Commons. Read more